Do you always run to the kitchen for preparing just one cup of tea or hot water to sip when you have a sour throat? Switching on the gas burner and setting a vessel with just one cup of water on it and wait for it to come to its boiling temperature. This waiting time look like hours and not minutes and also make you lose your calm. It is not just wastage of time but also fuel as heating just one cup of water burn the same amount of fuel as it will burn for four cups. The invention of some small appliances like electric kettles have helped people save time, energy and fuel. As the name suggest these kettles run on electricity but the modern technology with which these are designed let it consume too much electricity, hence saving money in the long term.

What is more interesting about electric kettles in India is that these are light in weight as they have either stainless steel body or fibre glass body which gives the plastic feel. Because of their light weight features these can be carried anywhere, to your office desk, to while travelling. It is one if the best appliance for students staying in hostels and P.Gs as they can enjoy hot cup of tea, soup or hot chocolate drink anytime without disturbing anyone. Just plug-in the wire and fill the desirable amount of water in the kettle and switch it on. Within few minutes your hot boiling water is ready to be used. The coil underneath the kettle quickly heats up the water and also heats it evenly and takes much lesser time as compared to on stove burner.

While travelling in a train or bus which usually plugging system near your seat, allow you to use your own personalized kettle conveniently and prepare a quick hot cup of coffee which will keep you refreshed throughout the journey. The best electric kettles come with measurement indications which help one to know how much water has been added.

Sunflame is a reputed brand that offers one of the best branded electric kettles. The kettles offered by the brands are available in different variety and liter size to fit your needs. 

Have a look at the salient features of Sunflame Cordless Electric Kettle (SF-179)

  • 1.2 ltrs capacity
  • 1100 watts
  • 360 degree cordless stainless steel housing kettle
  • Concealed stainless steel heating element

The weather is changing and the pinkish colour in the sky with cool breeze in early morning and evenings can be felt. Taking bath in the cold water at 6 in the morning makes you feel cold and get little shivers. It’s the right time to get Luke warm water for bath. Warm water always soothes the body and also makes you feel fresh and energetic. Even after a hard day at work the warm water bath relaxes the body and makes all your senses come to live and makes you ready to give your family time and play with your kids with full enthusiasm. No massage can beat the comfort that hot water gives you.

But heating water over the gas and then shifting it in the bucket and then carrying it to the bathroom seems a long process and also one has be very careful while transferring the hot from vessel to the bucket without dropping that hot boiling water on your skin as it can burn. These days every modern family has geysers attached to their bathrooms. The purpose of a geyser is not just to give you hot water. It is safe to use and is also a good investment in terms of looks, utility and maintenance. These are installed by the company people, free of cost and therefore there is no need for worrying about installations. The auto on and off feature if branded geysers in India help in saving electricity. Once the heating element inside the geyser is switched on and heats the water to its maximum heating point it automatically switches off and saves electricity. The water switcher tap allows you to mix the hot and cold water for bath conveniently.

With this bathroom appliance, one does not require to heat water over the gas stove saving fuel cost. The geysers with bigger water tanks can be connected with two bathrooms or kitchen while setting the tank in one place. This saves money and space.

Sunflame is a leading brand that manufactures branded home appliances and is known designing one of the best branded geysers in India.


  • ISI Marked
  • 5 star rating
  • Aesthetically designed ABS plastic body
  • Energy efficient-huge saving over ISI norms
  • Various levels of inbuilt safety measures
  • Two years warranty
  • Five years warranty on inner tank


The beautiful oval shape of this water geyser will make your bathroom look classy. 

In today’s technology driven world everyone is making use of electric kitchen products for faster and better working conditions in a kitchen. Chimneys are essential in Indian kitchens as they help to avoid the fumes of the food from spreading into the kitchen and to other attached rooms. Branded chimneys are essential in every kitchen as they take out the fumes generated while cooking or frying food and tokeep the kitchen fresh and healthy. There are many companies coming up with smart kitchen appliances and equipment to make your cooking enjoyable. One can also buy online the kitchen home appliances from leading online stores. Buy branded chimneys online as per you budget and the style you like such as conventional or traditional chimneys. There are many designer and functional chimneys available in the market from all leading brands, one can also compare the prices and bring home the one that fits into the space available and suits your kitchen layout.

Sunflame is an old name in Indian kitchen appliances segment and manufacturer of kitchen utilities and had good network. There are many type of chimneys available in the market which will give ample of choices for you.  Conventional chimneys are expensive than traditional designer chimney and they provide high performance and have a designer look. Conventional designer chimney have a PVC outlet to omit smoke and fumes out of the kitchen whereas straight line chimneys are elegant in look with baffle filter technology and push button controls to keep kitchen free from fumes and grim. These straight line chimneys are available in different materials and sizes with baffle filters that are easy to clean and helps reduce power consumption. The body of these chimneys are made of different materials from steel to glass and are set with intelligent controls and are placed just above the cook-tops.

The latest electric kitchen are coming up with air-conditioning and air cool features. The designer chimneys are available in different widths, choose the one as per the space available and according to the kitchen design layout. The kitchen chimney is an essential product to avoid the fumes of the food from spreading into the kitchen and then to other rooms inside your house. Chimneys are most commonly used in the kitchens to avoid the fumes while cooking as the same suck the fumes with the help of suction motors placed inside it. While working in the kitchen at times the food gets burnt due to multi-tasking and thus the fumes and smoke spread in the kitchen with great speed and thus the chimneys helps in avoiding all the fumes from spreading.

There are many designer chimneys for kitchen available in the market that provides ample of choices for you. Always purchase branded chimneys from manufacturers and suppliers and after installation one needs to keep it clean also as there are lots of grime and sticky thing that gets coated on the surface of it. It is better to call up the service man once a quarter to do a cleaning job and in bringing it back to the original state. Initially it requires you to select the brand, the color and some simple designs.

If you want to update your kitchen or setting up a kitchen from scratch, you’re probably wondering which appliances you really need. Depending on the number of members you cook for, choose the basic kitchen appliances that will probably come in handy and are used on regular basis.  A cooktop is the most essential tool in the kitchen. The kitchen appliances, kitchen design and its technology would attract anyone to cook. Cooking is made much easier with these appliances. In olden days to cook food or fry something one needs to arrange dry wooden logs or cow dung to convert it into flame or arrange firewood for cooking and it used to take hours to cook even a onetime meal. Today, so many improvements are done in the kitchen for making the work easier especially for mothers as they are considered to be the super chef of every Indian kitchen.

Choosing a designer cooktop can be a personal choice for many and cooktops without any doubt are the most frequently used and essential tool in every Indian kitchen. While a gas cooktop is the traditional alternative, more and more people are prefer to use only induction cooktops, or hybrid cooktops; that is a combination of the two. The advantages of an induction cooktop over gas is that it’s a cleaner option, generates less heat (making cooking a lot more comfortable), and is safer to use with auto-cut or auto-off features. The disadvantages are that many induction cooktops are not as fast as gas cooktops. Another disadvantage is that one nneds to arrange flat surface special utensils, not recommended for round bottomed vessels such as kadais or round bowls; also you’ll need an alternative when there is a power cut. While most gas cooktops provide four or more burners and a visible cooking flame offers fast and precise cooking flame. Gas cooktops operate on natural gas and are safe and cheap.

A designer cooktop or glass cooktops in kitchen adds value to the kitchen and helps in cooking everything from preparing breakfast to lunch and dinner. It also makes the cooking process easy and enjoyable.  Many buyers may want to find modern branded cooktops that allow them plenty of space for food preparation and storage, thereby creating a seamless and cohesive look in the kitchen's style. With the modern kitchen trends, branded cooktops in India are common kitchen essentials. Bring home branded cooktops and designer cooktops that are sleek in design for your modern kitchen so that you can cook delicious dishes and enjoy with your family and friends. Sunflame offers designer cooktops in India such as designer stainless steel cooktops, glass cooktops, traditional stainless steel cooktops that are perfect kitchen appliances to match with your modern kitchen design. Choose the right cooktops for your kitchen is essential and it’s better to purchase a glass cooktop with smooth surface for a more seamless look and much easier to clean.




The decision of buying a new cooking top is not that of a small one. The family sits together to discuss about what should be bought. Today, there are different types of cooking top available in the market from designer cook tops, induction cookers to hobs. Each have their own significance but one cannot have all three mediums of cooking in one kitchen. Often people decide the gas top or induction top depending upon various factor. Among there are 2 major factors which determines the type of cooking appliance that will enter the kitchen. First one being the size of the kitchen and second one being number of members in the house.

Gas stoves have been used by women over many years and are habituated to use it. Although, the cooktops are still very popular, yet it takes more space in the kitchen and lot of grime and dripping oil get accumulated underneath, despite many cook tops having a drip tray. Cleaning the slab counter after cooking becomes a tedious task. To resolve this issue and also to make the kitchen more spacious, designer gas hobs have gained popularity in the Indian market. It can be set in any size of kitchen and also allow you to have extra working space. These are built-in appliance and are to be set in the kitchen counter by cutting the slab according to the dimension of the gas hob. The functional use of cooktop and hob is same and therefore, it does not require to learn the usage of hob. It makes the kitchen look neater.

The branded hobs are usually available in 3 burners or 4 burners with one small, one large and two medium-sized burners to adjust different sizes of vessels. They also come with auto ignition switch and does not require a lighter or matchstick to switch on the burner. It also gives good overall heat distribution, reducing the cooking time.

Sunflame offers classy designer hobs which are not only highly functional but also blends with the modern kitchen design. The brand also offer installation services at the client’s doorstep.

SFH - 64LTG is a stylish hob with black glass finish from Sunflame which will add to the décor of your kitchen. The offered product is designed as per the latest technology and is easy to clean.

  • Toughened glass working top
  • 1 Triple Ring Burner
  • 3 Semi Rapid Burners
  • Electric Auto-Ignition
  • 60 cms wide
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